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Residential Projects

Spokane, WA

New construction addition to a long low modern rancher houses a restorative spa bath, accessible to the whole family. 

shabby chic barn design

Sacramento, CA

In collaboration with Designology

A daring project to create a professional working barn for performance horses and their people from an old barn and other reclaimed materials. A very good example of a balance between reclaimed and new materials, grain and polish.

Sandpoint, ID

Ski condo remodel with the goal of expanding the loft and common spaces to fit another generation in this mountain retreat.

modern and classic blend living room, kitchen and dining design

Wellington, FL

In collaboration with Designology

Total remodel of a lovely horse estate that included new construction and an addition. A classic and modern combination that feels airy and calm, comfortable and cool.

mid century modern condo living room design

Coeur d'Alene, ID

High rise condominium in heart of downtown Coeur d'Alene. An organic mix up of mid-century and lakeside chic.

modern living room design

Spokane, WA

Sustainable new construction on the footprint of a tear down on the edge of a golf course weaves together the the clients favorite pieces and a curated selection of new modern furnishings, with an eye to texture and simplicity, while adding warmth to an airy interior.

mid century modern kitchen design

Spokane, WA

Remodeled 1960's split level adds more of the mid century roots of the house into a mix that showcases all the modern luxuries for perfect entertaining.

mountian modern kitchen design

Spokane, WA

A remodel of the kitchen, mudroom, laundry and dining rooms in this river cabin opens up the connection to the view and water, while adding style and room for entertaining to this family's gathering place.

classic kitchen design

Spokane, WA

A remodel of a historic home where preserving, restoring and reusing original details was paramount, the kitchen and dining needed to be opened up and connected to the backyard and view while also creating a rear entry to the space.

mid century living room design

Spokane, WA

This mid-century home needed to regain its roots, while accepting the combined cultural legacies of the new owners. An entry addition and enlarged kitchen improved the function and flow as well as the aesthetic and quality of materials.

rustic luxury living room design

Spokane, WA

Every surface got the luxury treatment in this home, adding two fireplaces and lots of character.

modern and classic blend kitchen design
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